The following terms and conditions apply to repair services:

1. The customer shall be responsible for providing accurate information about the mobile device and for any data backup prior to any repairs.

2. The repair service will be provided only for the specific issue(s) agreed upon by the customer and the repair technician.

3. The repair technician shall not be held responsible for any data loss or damage to the mobile device during or after the repair process.

4. The repair technician shall not be held responsible for any pre-existing issues or damages present on the mobile device prior to the repair.

5. The repair service warranty shall be valid only for the specific repairs conducted by the repair technician, and any subsequent issues with the mobile device shall not be covered.

6. The repair technician shall have the right to refuse service if the mobile device is found to be damaged beyond repair, or if the customer fails to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by the repair service provider.

7. Payment for the repair service shall be due at the time of service, and the repair technician reserves the right to charge additional fees for parts and labor not included in the original service agreement.